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Apr 19, 2017

Would you describe yourself as an influencer or as one influenced?

Has anyone ever inspired you with their bold choice of integrity? Have you ever gained truth by just living in presence of a wise soul? It could be that they are bravely representing the TRUTH of God and that the goodness in their life has spilled over onto you.

Join me as we step one last time into the life of Hannah to learn how she not only made brave choices, but held firmly to the foundations of God's truth. Learn what it means to be, "girded" with the Belt of Truth, described in Ephesians as the first piece of the Armor of God.

Challenge yourself to write the TRUTHS of God which you can take as your own foundation, ushering blessings of goodness not only into your own life, but those around you.

I am praying for you to realize the Warrior within and step forward in finding the purpose for which God created you.

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