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Apr 15, 2019

Would you say you’re living a blessed life? Do you believe that even a life with trouble CAN be blessed? Or do you struggle to compare YOUR troubles with OTHER'S triumphs.

I totally get it, Warrior! Lately I've encountered some trouble that caused me to get stuck in my feelings rather than stay focused on God. But as...

Apr 3, 2019

What are you passionate about, Warrior? Is it something you are able to speak boldly about, no matter the audience? Or, do you ever hesitate, considering whether the opinion of others might drown you out and take things in a different direction?

Sometimes it can be hard to speak boldly about our faith when we try to...

Mar 26, 2019

Have you struggled lately, wondering why you don't sense the power of God in your life? Do you see others who seem to be on fire for Him, but don't understand how to get there? Or do you just doubt that the Holy Spirit can really fill you, really empower you, really guide and help you?

Don't worry. It's totally...

Mar 18, 2019

What is it that you have been waiting for, Warrior?

What is the DEEPEST DESIRE of your heart? Do you have a fire that burns down deep, causing you to pursue a DREAM? Or maybe your dream has been put on the back burner, causing you to wonder if it will ever become a reality?

Was there a dream in your heart you used to...

Mar 12, 2019

How do you react when someone steps in the middle of your plans, threatening to mess up all you're believing for?

Do you immediately speak up, defending your rights? What about the rights of others around you? Do you feel the same way when it happens to those you barely know?

Often, it can be hard to know when to speak...