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May 31, 2017

Are you weary of words which try to define you? Do you feel buried beneath a reputation of past mistakes? You are not alone in this.

I invite you to step into the life of theWarriorSHE, a woman of long ago who felt exactly the same. But right in the middle of her mess, she had an encounter with TRUTH. A weary traveler surprised her with loving-kindness and grace, offering refreshment like never before.

Listen today and be revived by the TRUTH God speaks over you. Allow Him to replace the deceptive doubts which have drowned your hope and fill the void with His thoughts of you.

Be refreshed and restored as we learn how theWarriorSHE stepped away from her weary, worn out life to one overflowing with Living Water.

Don't miss a single episode as you realize theWarriorSHE within!

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