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Sep 24, 2019

So many forces throughout our life seem to tell us who we are, from childhood name calling to the conflict and stress which triggers anxiety and depression. All too often we are convinced of the lie that we are not worthy. That our identity is less-than.

But the truth is, God wants to step in and reveal how He sees us!...

Sep 17, 2019

How often do we pray, wait for an answer and then wonder if God really heard us?

Was that thing that happened yesterday a 'sign?' Is what my friend randomly said to me a word from God? Or does the void of all reason mean I prayed for the wrong thing?

It's often difficult for us to understand how God communicates. But...

Sep 10, 2019

REPOST: in case you missed it

PAIN does not discriminate. It charges forth in all our lives, often in seasons unexpected.

Maybe yours is physical PAIN, or financial PAIN. It might be physical PAIN or a financial PAIN. Maybe you feel the PAIN of a relationship gone wrong, or the PAIN of disappointment.

We all suffer from...

Sep 3, 2019

It's easy to get discouraged as we strive to stand firm in faith, when all the sudden, WHAM, trouble tramples our efforts.

I imagine that's how our Warrior, the Widow of Zarephath, felt when she risked obedience to follow the instruction of the prophet Elijah. Because even though her risk was rewarded for for a...