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Jun 21, 2017

When the trouble of life finds us, we often want to run. But which way? Because it's so easy to get lost in our anxiety, in our fear of the future, in all the thoughts which scream, "Not Again!"

To run is a normal reaction. I mean, who wants to wrestle once more with what has worn us out before?

Step with me into the life of the Shunemite woman as we learn how she dealt with disaster. She did not run away from it. Nor did she let the push-back of the enemy discourage her. Rather she was quickened into the very presence of God and fell humbly before Him, heaping the weight of her burdens on Him.

Realize hope with me as we see this woman on the other side of her pain. Listen as she discovers that the right route to peace. This woman is a true Warrior who gained strength in the battle as she stood firm, girded fully by God's truth.

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