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Jan 27, 2017

We were created for unity; our soul yearns for it, our spirit longs for it. We can find fulfillment if we learn to daily clothe ourselves with what God provides. Join me in discovering how to be intentional with our love, how to stop the complaints and take action. Let us live stronger as the warriors we were created to...

Jan 19, 2017

Join me as we consider the question, Why Eve? What made her so temptable? And why is it that we need to look to the tree of temptation, the one which makes promises it never keeps? Why is it that we rush back to the dealer of doubt, wondering and waiting for something better? What she found in the fruit didn't satisfy...

Jan 11, 2017

Join me as we enter the Garden of Eden, walking with Eve to gain a fresh perspective on how thoughts can take hold of us all too quickly. We will challenge the everyday arguments that try to trip us up and seek solutions to the frustrations which frustrate our future.

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Jan 4, 2017

Don't you hate it when someone won't stop talking about themselves? Ugh! Well that's what kept me from posting this yesterday. It's two stories tied together that I truly felt compelled to tell... not flattering, about me, which teach us how to receive God's good gifts as Warriors. We will never be WHO He called us to...