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Mar 26, 2019

Have you struggled lately, wondering why you don't sense the power of God in your life? Do you see others who seem to be on fire for Him, but don't understand how to get there? Or do you just doubt that the Holy Spirit can really fill you, really empower you, really guide and help you?

Don't worry. It's totally normal to have these doubts. I've experienced all of them myself. That's why I'm so excited to share with you this Warrior's life story!

Join me as we step back into the life of Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and cousin to Mary. This Warrior was definitely one of those women who found a way to connect deeply and directly with God. And if she were here today, she'd encourage you to hang in there because it's not as hard as you think.

Today, we will learn what she did to maintain and nurture this amazing power within. There is no magic to it. No secret potion to drink. No ritual to follow. Simply relax as you listen to how God desires to bless you with His presence and how you can receive the power of the Holy Spirit for yourself!

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