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Oct 17, 2018

Are you lonely? Do you feel as though no one fully understands what you're going through? I'll admit, I often struggle with feelings like that. In fact, on today's podcast, I share a recent snapshot of my life where I became trapped in such a pit. It wasn't pretty, but it sure gave me a better perspective on the life of our Warrior this week.

She is an unlikely choice. But I truly believe we can learn a great deal from her life, and the circumstances which surrounded her. Join me as we step into the world of Potiphar's Wife. Yes, that's right... the same woman who falsely accused Joseph, causing his imprisonment.

You won't want to skip this one! It gets to the gritty reality of what can happen when we become wallowers instead of Warriors! Plus I'll give some insight as to what we tend to grab onto during the lonely times and encouragement as to how to get out of the pit.

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