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Nov 15, 2018

There’s something you need to do! You know it. You've sensed it for quite a while now, but you just keep putting it off. And now when you lay in bed at night, you can't turn off the thought. It weighs heavy on your heart and you see it around every corner. So... what are you waiting for?

Could it be that you're just feeling too unsteady in your faith right now? That what you're challenged with seems more like a leap than simply a step of faith? Has it been a while since you did something that scared you? Do you wonder how it's done, anymore?

Maybe you've just gotten to a place in life where things have become manageable and you simply don't want to rock the boat; don't want to seem like a weirdo who starts over because of some radical expression of your beliefs. 

But still, if you only knew what was on the other side of this challenge. If you could only be reassured that the sense you have of a life more thrilling, more fulfilling, more daring, was only one decision away… you might just say, 'YES!'

So you hang on to hesitation with one hand; a tethered rope that leads you from one comfortable landing place to the next. But one day you say, you'll go there... that firm place called FAITH. Because right now you're not quite sure how to define it. So, you put it off... again. I mean after all, isn't it too just hard to go there now?

Actually, Warrior today would be the perfect day. I'm not saying you have to take you're big leap right now. But let me at least help you understand FAITH a little better. Let me help you learn a little more about how it's built over time. After all, what are you waiting for?

If you join me today on the podcast, we are going to step back into the life of Miriam and consider the things she had to face that built her faith... that gave her a firm foundation when she needed it most!

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