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Oct 11, 2018

Don't you just hate it when you go to the trouble of lining all your little ducks neatly in a row... when you've made your plans, set your mind and you're ready for all the success that's due you... Then WHAM, out of nowhere you find yourself face down in the dirt with the wind knocked clean out of you? 

And it's all because some so-and-so took a little yank on the corner of your rug. Maybe it got under their foot. Maybe they overstepped their boundaries. Who knows why they decided to interfere in your life but there's no going back. After the name-calling started, there's no gathering the little ducklings that have now scattered. 

You've been labeled a loser and now you're left lonely in a heap on the hard, dirty ground. This wasn't part of the plan. This isn't at all how its' supposed to be. 

You want to cry, "UNFAIR," but no one's listening as they all walk by in their own messy, mixed up lives. 

So where do you go? How do you recover? What's next for those of us who feel labeled and less-than when we don't get to finish what we started?

I have some answers to those and a few other questions... if you'll join me as we take a look at the life of a Warrior who went through something just like this!

Her name is Rahab, the harlot. Yep, her label stuck. (Even got printed in the best seller of all times.) But amazingly, she didn't allow life's unfortunate circumstances become a reason to stay stuck in the dirt.

Let's take a peek into her life and learn how God actually does work all things... even the rug-pulling kind of things... for good.

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