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Jul 26, 2018

You're facing a battle today, Warrior. How do I know? Because I'm facing one too.
Some battles are the ones we choose. Some are thrust upon us. But all too often we find ourselves standing in the middle of an open field, defenseless and wandering, alone and scared, wondering what to do next. 
No one wants to be unprepared with flaming arrows flying at you; words that sting like daggers to the heart... especially when you are desperately trying to do the right thing. Why all the judgment? Why does it matter to them? 
Come with me today, Warrior. Just for a little bit. I won't waste your time, I promise. Step back in time to the life of Mary, our Warrior of the week. She knows just how we feel. All she wanted to do was be kind and offer her best. Then 'they' began to throw words of shame her way, assaulting her with their worst. 
Let's learn together how to handle these types of battles. Let's try to understand what Mary did well. Let's learn how she was BRAVE in the middle of a battle she never saw coming.
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