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Jul 3, 2018

Do you remember when believing in something fantastical was fun? Before we had to grow up. Before we began to reason and believe every thought that came flying into our mind... overthinking, worrying, and fearing the worst. Isn't there a way to turn back time? To just live simply and believe again?
Join me today as we step back into the life of the sisters, Mary and Martha of Bethany. My hope for us is that as we listen and learn we can take away a message that will revive us. That will help us remember how to have a childlike faith again.
It’s not that these sisters didn’t have difficult times or face anything hard. In fact, they faced tragedy and did it alone and seemingly in silence. But that’s exactly why I believe we can learn from them. Because they proved to be Warriors who waited well… women who learned the beauty of a simple prayer.
Won’t you join me in this?
It’s a short listen with a big impact.
And then I have three fun ways to put this into action… more details on that at the end of the podcast.
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