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Jul 26, 2017

Have you ever wanted so much to escape the bondage of something that you can barely breathe? Have you ever wished so badly for freedom that it aches down to the bone? It's almost as if we can taste it; that idea of being truly able to do as we wish, run wildly, the wind in our hair, the sun at our back, the wide open spaces we need to spread our wings and soar.

It almost seems a mystery, this thing called freedom. Because we envy it in others who we believe may be experiencing it. When in fact, that may only be a mirage; while we ourselves are standing only a few steps away from it. And if we allow our heart to be tripped and tangled by the deceit of offense, we will continue to wander in the wilderness of our past, and never fully experience God's gift of true freedom and fulfilled purpose.

So how can we be free of those chains which enslave us to fear? How can we get past the offense of... READ MORE...

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