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Jul 6, 2017

Do you ever get stuck like me... a Captive of Comparison?
Do you have an inner Inspector who secretly searches for flaws?
Or did you outgrow her in Middle School?

I often wish I left that little girl behind, until I see someone across the room; that Got-it-all-together Girl who I secretly wish might trip and fall just this once. I mean, if I can't BE her, in her crowd, or on her social feed, then what's the harm?

Sorry, sometimes my wall-flower-never-fit-in loneliness of the past still sneaks up on me, launching a label into the crowd. But it does make me feel bad later. Especially when I realize that I'm supposed to be the one linking shields with other women... all women... even her. 

And that's the perspective we need to take on as we step into the life of a different kind of Warrior this week. She's not one I ever expected to feature... READ MORE...
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